Beautiful Equine
What makes us different from the rest is our extensive knowledge and use of full studio lighting equipment. We bring the studio to your stables, farm or any location of your choice, to create stunning effects of you and your horse

Stable Shoots, Farm Shoots & Portrait Sessions

Horses are majestic animals and as such should be photographed in such a way. With our technical knowledge of equipment, light and colour, combined with our love of the equine world, we strive to produce portraits of horses and their people to cherish forever.

Stable Shoots & Portrait Sessions
Want a professional portrait of you and your best friends or just a lasting memory with some beautiful images showcasing your horse? Then this is for you.
On arrival we go round your chosen location for half an hour discussing what you'd like to get out of your time with us and where best to accomplish the images that you are after. All our equipment is completely mobile and as such we can go off into the local countryside to produce the looks you're after.
Setting up for us takes only five minutes per location and we like to spend a few minutes with each horse to be photographed to walk them around the equipment getting them comfortable with their new surroundings. All staff used for these shoots are used to handling horses and are happy to move and position them.
These sessions are not necessarily just for the horses. You might for instance want a classy image of you and your friends all in your formal dressage wear or with evening dresses on standing holding the reins of your well groomed charge.
It's your time, your image, and it's up to you how you'd like to look.

Farm Shoots
For horse owners who want professional, artistic images for use in print advertising, websites, trade show banners, prints, brochures, postcards, business cards, greeting cards, etc. Ideal for Breeding Farms/Stallion Owners or feed suppliers.